This past January 11th we had our official launch.  We feel very proud to start 2021 with this project that seeks to create unforgettable experiences for all our clients.  Sports Events Agency, Intrepid, is who will guide you into enjoying your favorite form of exercise while visiting the most amazing places in Mexico.

The Directors of Grupo Mercurio, the consortium of companies that Intrepid is partnered with, as well as our associates, the athletes German Silva and Fabiola Corona, joined us at the launching which was held in the Bicicletas Mercurio facilities.  Although not many  people were able to attend due to COVID, that didn´t make it any less important.

“I´m very excited to be a part of this project.  This company doesn´t just sell excursions, Intrepid creates experiences that last a lifetime.  To be able to share with others the sport you love most, in iconic locations, surrounded with high quality conveniences as well as with expert guides, is beyond compare.”– Fabiola Corona, Olympic multiathlete.

“In every competition that I ever participated in, what I remember most are in the little details, on whom I left a mark, or with those I shared the trip with.  For Intrepid, the destination is never a place but a way of seeing things and that´s what makes us different.  We hope you join us and that you challenge yourself to leave your comfort zone.”  – German Silva, Marathon runner.

We also got coverage from Milenio, and we´re sharing the link here so you can see all the details.

At the launching we presented a variety of sports that are being considered for the excursions of 2021.  These include:  cycling, athletics, hiking and yoga.  These are just a few of the different disciplines that you can practice in distinct surroundings for each activity, in safe and high quality conditions.  Don´t go without checking out or events calendar and travel with Intrepid!